Famous Foods of Mysore

Situated in Karnataka, Mysore is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Southern Part of India. The city was a part of many significant empires in the past that include Cholas, Pallavas, and Kadambas. The rich culture of this city is reflected in its gorgeous palaces, royal gardens, glorious temples, and magnificent museums. The history of Mysore is stretched back to the 13th Century. Apart from that, the vastness of the city is also reflected in its culinary delicacies and gourmet delights. Mysore is an incredible place to enjoy many mouthwatering dishes.

Ranging from the most famous Mysore Masala Dosa to Uttapam, Biryani, Vada, and Khara Bath, the list has a variety of dishes that are enticing to look at and delicious in taste. The flavour of Mysore food is unique and different from other parts of India. Here is the list of the top dishes that you must try during your trip to Mysore.

The cuisine of Mysore has a distinct influence of Udipi cuisine on its dishes. One of the most famous items here is the traditional sweet, Mysore Pak. as well as a number of sweets such as Payasam, Jalebi, Rave Unde, Ladoo and more. Indian filter coffee and Adike (Areca nut) with Betel leaf are also popular items.

Delicious Foods of Mysore